Blow molded plastic part products for air conditioner systems are mainly produced in this group, air conditioning ducts for instantance. Tank washers and nozzle hoses for wiper systems are also produced by the blow molded process. Other functional group parts such as steering boots, reservoir tanks, and spoilers are also produced in addition to car parts Still have structural work Equipment for construction system work And electrical appliances Including agricultural machinery equipment.

We offer co-product design, material ,concept tooling design selection and cooperation together with customers for cost competitiveness from our long experience of more than 9 years.


For most plastic parts We often get Dwg ,RFQ or BOM Assy. There will be both plastic parts that are blow jobs. And injection molding, so we have the production process of injection parts to meet the needs of customers in the case of blow molding and injection components together. In order to increase alternative channels for customers to reduce costs in those products


For assembly, we have the knowledge and the ability to assemble parts or parts together such as assembling the chill foam or screw, rewinding or welding with ultraviolet

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